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Emma Ridderstad

Founder and CEO


Patrik Buckau

Founder and CTO


Katarina von Horn

Partner & Client Director


Eva Kinlundh

Key Account Manager


About Us

Warpin Media was founded in 2016 with the goal to help other organizations take a step into the virtual world. We want to help our clients become the best they can be by developing customized VR and AR experiences for their specific needs.

Our team consists of passionate developers, 3D artists, designers, filmers, project managers and sales professionals from all around the world. We all have one thing in common, we want to give our clients the best possible experience and of course have fun while doing it.

The platform

Xelevate emerged from the idea of being able to offer an easy way to create a customized training course or experience for a specific client, in the shortest amount of time. By developing a library of components and features, the client can pick and choose what they need for their course, making it tailored just for them.

Each client is unique and so should their end product be. That is also why we spend a lot of time on planning and communicating with our clients in the beginning but also throughout the process to make sure they are happy with the end results.  

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