Making the recruitment process more efficient with VR .

In this VR experience the job applicants for Miljonbemanning will get a better understanding of what their role includes. 


Miljonbemanning wanted to make it easier for job applicants to understand what kind of role they are applying for and to make the recruitment process more efficient. 


In order to make the recruitment process more efficient and give job applicants a better understanding of their job role, this experience includes a VR 360 video and a 3D simulator. The 360 video gives the job applicants a tour of a storage room so they can get to know their future work environment better. In the 3D simulator the job applicants can practice the task of scanning and sorting parcels to see what their job role will include. 


Platform Features

- VR Video

- Sort


- Makes recruitment process more efficient

- Job applicants can try their job tasks and get an insight into their future workplace

- Easier to match the right employee for the right tasks


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